Packaging-free shop

The first packaging free shop in Nyíregyháza!

Purchase without packaging

Why? Because we think that too much waste is generated in the households, and although we collect selectively and we all believe that some of it can be recycled, it might be simpler not to produce this waste at all…

What is shopping like in a packaging-free shop?

It is worth writing a list and preparing a container for each of the products on the list, practically the one in which you will store at home. It’s also worth bringing a couple of extra containers, just in case things come to your mind in the shop. If it’s still not enough, we can also give you.
What is a container?
Almost anything: jar, plastic box, canvas bag, spice holder, snap lid jar, etc. The important thing is that it should be closed well so that it can stand the way home!


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Environmentally conscious

Buy without packaging!

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