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  Why? Because we think that too much waste is generated in the households, and although we collect selectively and we all believe that some of it can be recycled, it might be simpler not to produce this waste at all. This is the Zero Waste movement. We want to be a part of this and we hope you too! We don’t think that we can eliminate all packaging materials and single-use plastics from our lives overnight, but why shouldn’t we try?
  Our other intention is to purchase and offer our products from the shortest possible distance, with the fewest possible economis operators, thus creating short supply chains. Why is it good? If the products do not have to travel hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, air pollution is reduced on the one hand, since the vehicle that transports them travels a shorter distance, and on the other hand, significantly less packaging material is needed. Also, by purchasing local products, we contribute to the livelihood and development of local producers who live in our environment and thus indirectly to the development of our environment.
And last but not least, it’s also good to buy without packaging, because that way you can buy as much of everything as you need. If there is only a small amount of storage at home and a minimum stock of everything, then you do not need to buy a kilo. But it’s also practical if you like to stock up and would like to keep several of the usual unit packages at home in your own storage container. And you can even come with specific recipes and exact, but not round, quantities.
  At first, and perhaps even at second glance, this method of purchase may not seem easy, but it is worth it! All waste that we do not produce contributes to a more livable, cleaner environment and will very soon have a visible result in the waste production of your own household. We look forward to seeing you!
The Stelázsi team.

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